Arrangements for Your Vasectomy

Before your vasectomy
Please shave any hair you have on your scrotum a few days before the procedure to allow a clear field of vision and to minimise risk of infection. Please bring a pair of tight underpants (not boxer shorts) as these will provide better support and minimise discomfort.

You may bring something interesting to read while the vasectomy is carried out or indeed you can you listen to a music device/radio if you wish. We will have background music playing!

Plan your life so that you have no exertion for 48 hours after the operation. For the entire first week you will need to avoid heavy work, sport or intercourse. Please ask for a certificate if you are going to need one.


After your vasectomy
Take it easy for the first 48 hours, avoiding any exertion. Avoid heavy lifting, vigorous exercise and intercourse for 7 days.

You have a single small wound on the front wall of the scrotum and we would ask you to keep this dry for 24 hours. It will not be covered by any dressings and will normally heal over 7 to 10 days. Occasionally this small wound is open during this time but heals on its own. Just keep the area clean.

Bruising and low level discomfort are normal. Simple pain relief such as paracetamol or solpadeine should be adequate but if you are worried in any way please contact us by telephone during surgery hours.

Remember to use contraception until you have had a negative semen test!

You must have a sample checked 16 weeks after the operation to ensure that the procedure has worked.
The instructions for the semen test will be given to you on the day of the vasectomy.
We will contact you in writing within 7 days to let you know the result. Unfortunately we are not allowed to give the results over the telephone.

You must not stop your contraception until you have written confirmation from us that you are sterile and that it is safe to do so.


We are happy to answer any queries by ringing: 053-9239512


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Arrangement for Your Vasectomy