Dear Patient,

in keeping with recommendations from the HSE and NPHET, we have implemented policies to maintain “social distancing” and good hygiene practice to keep you safe while visiting our clinics. All spaces are disinfected after each patient as per the national protocols for infection control.

  1. If you have a fever, cough or flu-like symptoms you should make contact with your GP who will arrange a COVID19 test and self-isolate. Your COVID19 result will normally be available within 24 hours. You can reschedule your vasectomy appointment by telephoning FREEPHONE 1800 313 595. 
  2. If you have a serious chronic condition, please ring our FREEPHONE 1800 313 595 to discuss your condition with Dr Lynch who may advise rescheduling your appointment. Examples of serious chronic conditions are lung disease, heart disease, immune compromise, etc. People with these conditions are encouraged to pay special attention to social distancing.
  3. If your wife/partner wants to attend the pre-op part of the visit she is welcome, however she will need to wait in the car for the duration of the surgery. All attendees must wear face masks which will be supplied if necessary. Total time allocation for the procedure including pre-op counselling is one hour.

We are committed to maintaining patient and staff safety at our clinics and it is unlikely that the instructions above, which are based on science and good medical practice will change materially in the future. If you have any queries you are welcome to contact us on FREEPHONE 1800 313 595 or by email:


Dr William Lynch

Updated: 1st July 2020